In the back of Cerriglio, is one of the most famous ancient taverns of Naples, Locanda del Cerriglio located between the square of the port and the alley of Santa Maria la Nova.

It is said that it was already known since the end of 1300, both for the quality of its cuisine and its wine, and for the large number of visitors. Place of dining and living room, a favorite of nobles who wanted to experience the thrill of meeting the common people, plebeians that there is little money for kitchens fed by prostitutes who were looking for clients and artists in search of inspiration . Among the major that attended include: Giovan Battista Della Porta, Giambattista Basile, Giulio Cesare Cortese, Sgruttendio, Giovan Battista del Tufo, Charles Celano, Benedetto Croce, Emmanuel Bidera, Vincenzo D'Auria, Antonio Genovesi, Gonsalvo Carelli and Michelangelo Merisi.

The tavern is also famous for the ruthless aggression that was stretched in October of 1609 the painter Michelangelo Merisi "Caravaggio" right outside the room. That night we drank and laughed, four men intrufolarono silent on the premises. Michelangelo, perhaps drunk with wine, was punched, fell to the ground bleeding and dazed by the blows. Since the attack, the artist came out alive but hit hard to the body, and deeply marked on the face and spirit. But as things went really? All of this remains a mystery. Among the many assumptions you think that "scarring" Caravaggio was revenge for an insult to the honor and reputation, as provided for the code of the underworld at that time.

Prominent literary evidence do well to understand the importance of the tavern Cerriglio.

"Favoritissima taverna, dove se canta e verna…per cui: trasire a' lo Cerriglio è doce"
tratto da Muse napoletane, G. Basile

"Lo Cerriglio 'ncantato"
Poema eroico di G. C. Cortese

Today the inn completely renovated and re-opens its doors and offers more authentic dishes of Neapolitan cuisine, in a warm and welcoming.

Magnammo, amice mieje, e po' vevimmo
nfino ca stace ll'uoglio a la lucerna:
Chi sa' si all'auto munno nce vedimmo!
Chi sa' si all'auto munno nc'è taverna!

(verses found on the door of the tavern Cerriglio)